Sunday, June 14, 2015

Two Oru Kayak Bay+ purchased from Nestaway Boats, UK.

On Thursday I purchased two Oru Bay+ Kayaks from Nestaway Boats down in the New Forest here in England, UK.     I was already aware of the Oru Kayak as it was featured on the gadget show on TV a few weeks ago.  You can view the clip here - fast forward to 6 mins 20 secs in.  My wife and I then saw the Kayaks in person last weekend at the Beale Park Boat Show near Reading and knew we had to have one, each!  Nestaway Boats had them and the accessories all in stock, the rest as they say, is history.

First dry run of building the Kayaks

As soon as my wife Alison got home from work we set about constructing the Kayaks. The instructions are very good with lots of photos and they both went together smoothly. What struck us was how rigid they are when transformed into the Kayaks. You honestly wouldn't believe it if you hadn't actually seen it for yourself. We couldn't wait to get them out on the water.....

First Paddle

So the magical moment arrived on Saturday morning, our first Paddle in our Oru Kayaks! I'm 6Ft4 and was quite suprised when I sat in one at the show how much room I had and also how comfortable they were. Thankfully, my opinion stayed the same having taken them out on a lake. The back rest is a work of genius, really taking any strain out of paddling. We only planned to go out for half an hour or so just to get a feel for them, but we ended up out there on and off for 3 and half hours! A number of things impressed me about the way they handled, the straight line speed was good, but possibly more impressive was the stability when putting the Kayak into unusual positions or changes of direction. It's all quite confidence inspiring! The whole experience had us so excited we honestly felt like kids on Christmas morning.  We can't wait to get out in them again soon.